My family lived on a Ranch full time from 1993 until 2015. We were a 5th generation family farm.
I am writing this blog to share my experiences living there. It is best to read the blog chronologically by going through the archives, starting with the introduction in January of 2010.
The blog starts with the arrival of my great-grandparents to the farm in 1947 and will follow the families to the present.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

More romance on Canoe Point

Edmond had started a romance at about the same time that Augustin and Renee went to Switzerland for their honeymoon.  He had met my mother to be, Betty Tate, through mutual friends.  Coming from New Zealand with a good friend, the two had been travelling around the province nursing.  She had spent quite a few months in both Vancouver and Prince Rupert and was nursing in Salmon Arm when they met. It was my mother's intention as well as that of her friend to visit Canada and return to New Zealand after their adventures.  Both would end up marrying and becoming Canadian citizens.
Eddy and Betty were not together long when they became engaged.  While Renee and Augustin were in Switzerland, Grandmother Caroline wrote to Renee that she has heard "talk" that Betty might return to New Zealand before the marriage for six to eight months.  Caroline reported that Betty is working hard trying to save the one thousand dollars for the ticket. This proposition seems to have been a worry for the grandmother.

In the end, this was not to be.  Betty would sell her treasured MG to help pay for both her and Eddy to go to New Zealand after their wedding.  In any case, such a creature would not last long on Canoe Point Rd.

Caroline Fleur de Lys in front of the farm truck, a vehicle more suited to the roads then the delicate sports car.  Note the mud on the wheels.

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