My family lived on a Ranch full time from 1993 until 2015. We were a 5th generation family farm.
I am writing this blog to share my experiences living there. It is best to read the blog chronologically by going through the archives, starting with the introduction in January of 2010.
The blog starts with the arrival of my great-grandparents to the farm in 1947 and will follow the families to the present.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dandelion Wine

Edmond Miege was a fortunate man to have found his lovely bride while living on such an isolated farm.  Neighbors at the time were good match makers and they were not together long before the marriage took place.
The reception became famous due to the Dandelion wine that Gus and Renee made for the event.  We do have dandelions in abundance on the ranch and they were put to good use that year, creating a champagne like drink that very quickly went to people's heads.

A very beautiful couple

The bridal party

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bulldozer as Art

Eddy and Gus using the bulldozer as a tractor.  It must of been slow work but perhaps faster than the horses.  This was the first bulldozer to arrive on the farm and was purchased by the Naef family.

In later years Eddy purchased a larger bulldozer, the TD18.  This machine accomplished tasks to almost mystical proportions.  My Eddy was fearless on this machine, pushing it right into big piles of burning brush, where it unfortunately once caught on fire. Another feat that caused much anguish for the onlookers was taking the bulldozer out onto the ice.

Another place you would not expect to see a bulldozer!

The TD18 in retirement.  For many years it graced our driveway and brought me much pleasure as a souvenir of my father.  It was removed last year and I was very sorry to see it go.

I think the ground hogs were very sad to see the bulldozer go as well.

The clearing blade was left behind.   The blade was made by E. Panko in 1969, signing it as if it was a work of art.