My family lived on a Ranch full time from 1993 until 2015. We were a 5th generation family farm.
I am writing this blog to share my experiences living there. It is best to read the blog chronologically by going through the archives, starting with the introduction in January of 2010.
The blog starts with the arrival of my great-grandparents to the farm in 1947 and will follow the families to the present.

Friday, January 22, 2016



Food is one of the strong ties that keep people rooted to their history. On the ranch we have many callings to our Swiss heritage; a cuckoo clock that for many years chimed it’s way through day and night, cow bells, fondue, raclette, and during Christmas, Bricelets.
heritage cuckoo clock
A cuckoo clock is one of the many items brought over from Switzerland by loving relatives over the years.
The Bricelets is a waffle like cookie traditional to the Fribourg region of Switzerland, and in existence since approximately 1552. Recipes vary over the country, and there are both sweet and salted variations. The base ingredients are flour, butter, sugar, cream and eggs. Variations include adding Kirsch, white wine, cheese, cumin or lemon.
The bricelets are made in a waffle iron type of machine, but with smaller star shaped presses. Our bricelet maker is a formidable machine that is over 40 years old. It made it’s way in the luggage of one of our Swiss relatives well before the days of minimum weight for luggage as it is over 17 pounds. My father and husband wired one electrical outlet for 220 volt to accomodate all the machines from Switzerland.

bricelet machine from Switzerland
The Bricelet maker with dough ready to press.

Dough ready to be pressed

The final product
The pleasure of treats such as bricelets is enhanced by the connection to family traditions from far away.

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